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Commercial Foundation Repair

slab foundation being constructed

Foundations are the most important part of any structure. Without strong, reliable foundations, you simply cannot achieve the high levels of structural security that modern properties demand. Especially as a commercial body, you need to ensure that your properties and premises are all built to code, being perfectly secure and maintained at all times. However, if you allow damages to appear and defects to plague your fixture, you could quickly find that your foundations no longer meet the boundaries that they are obliged to meet. That is why it is in your best interests to know who you can call when you need professional help. Fortunately, you have come to the right place by choosing us, here at Kerrville Foundation Repair, the number one providers of commercial foundation repairs anywhere in town.

Comprehensive Commercial Foundation Repairs 

Our team can be there to provide for your commercial foundation repair needs, no matter the specific issue you are facing. We deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients for the fairest prices, ensuring them of the highest caliber of quality every time. Whether you are facing a minor cracking or fracturing issue with your fixture or have noticed steady but potentially devastating shifting and settlement, we can be the ones to put it right for you. All you need to do is call us to come and inspect your foundations and we’ll identify any restoration solutions that are going to be necessary.

Cracking, Fracturing, and Damages 

Cracking, fracturing, and other types of structural damages are unfortunately very common. Especially with concrete foundations, these types of damages appear as a result of numerous circumstances and can quickly worsen, the longer they are left. So, if you suspect that any of these problems are present with your foundations, you should give us a call right away. Our team can offer you our waterproof sealing and patching solutions to cover and fill any damaged areas, to make a full restoration.

Settlement Repair 

Additionally, if you have noticed any obvious signs of settlement or shifting within your foundations, we can help you correct these with the utmost precision and care. Shifting and settlement have been known to cause serious issues in foundations, often leading to the collapse of walls and entire structures above. So, if you ever face such an issue, you need to ensure that you are correcting it with the highest possible standards, which you can count on receiving when you trust the task to us.

Piering Solutions 

And, if your foundations are succumbing to any strength and support issues that could be corrected through piering, you can rest assured that our team will be capable of doing just that. Our crew makes use of some of the highest caliber foundation piers on the market today, capable of supporting immense weight for long stretches of time. So, if you are ever confronted by such a concerning issue, you can take peace of mind knowing that our team will be capable of bringing you the solution through piering.

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