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Pier and Beam Repair

wooden beams below the house

Pier and beam foundations are very common types of foundations and ones, that our team works on frequently. And while they are no doubt a reliable and affordable solution to household foundations, they are one that succumbs to damages and issues frequently. Countless people find that their pier and beam based houses suffer from highly threatening issues each year, which have the potential to put them and their homes at risk. However, luckily, our crew has a wealth of experience dealing with these and therefore, can offer each of our clients comprehensive repairs. So, if you suspect that yours may have an issue plaguing them, don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us know what it is that we can do to help you.


For more minor examples of movement and the dislocation of beams and joists, reshimming is nearly always enough to resolve the issue. Reshimming is a process that involves fitting new beams of wood into place and making precise adjustments to the positioning of the fixture. Our contractors are experts in managing this type of repair and have seen time and time again just how successful it can be. Therefore, if we find that the same process would be of use to you and your foundations, you can rest assured that we can help you benefit from it most.

Installing New Piers 

Or, in other cases, we may opt to install new piers below your home to once again give it the strength and support that it needs. Constructed from concrete, these are incredibly strong and are guaranteed to reintroduce the stability that your home needs, once fitted into place. They are a highly sustainable solution and one, that will no doubt allow you to reap the benefits for many more years into the future. So, if this is an appropriate method for your situation and a longevous situation would appeal to you, know that we would be more than glad to be the ones to provide it to you.

Wood Replacements 

Although wood is high-quality material and one that can be used effectively in pier and beam foundations, it does, unfortunately, have its limits. Over time, wood warps and loses its integrity, which can lead to quite serious consequences for your foundations. But, it can be easily replaced and that means that often, resolving such an issue can be done as easily as fitting fresh cuts of wood that have been precisely sized.


Or, if settlement has obviously been taking place with your foundations and without some immediately additional strength and support a collapse would surely occur, more drastic measures are going to be required. Fortunately for you, we can promise you just that in the form of our underpinning service. Underpinning is one of the most effective ways to reinforce foundations and something that we know how to do best. So, if your foundations ever require this service, you know you’ll always be in safe hands with us.

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