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Slab Foundation Repair

cracks in the wall

Your foundations are easily the most important part of your home. Responsible for supporting the entire weight and structure of your property, it is impossible to ignore just how essential your foundations are. So, it should go without saying how concerning it can be to find that you have a problem, defect, or damages done to them. It can bring direct harm to your household and threaten the property in numerous ways. That is why, at the first signs of a defect, you need to make sure that you take action. The good news for you is that if you are based in the city of Kerrville, TX, you have come to the right place. Here at Kerrville Foundation Repair, we can provide you with comprehensive repairs and would be glad to lend you our services, whenever we are required.

Crack and Fracture Repairs 

Cracks, chips, breaks, and fractures can be some of the most common types of damages you will come across. Due to a multitude of reasons, these types of defects can surface, leaving your foundations exposed to a host of further issues. A simple crack can quickly expand to become something much more serious, while an open break can allow water to penetrate and affect the material internally. Fortunately, our team can help you fix any similar type of damage, through our patching and sealing techniques.


In other cases, when the terrain is weak, unstable, or subject to freezing and thawing issues, slab foundations can sink deeper into the ground. In turn, this can leave the entirety of a structure unstable and imbalanced, leading to a variety of potential damages. And, if allowed to continue, these damages can worsen, causing a host of more serious issues. Fortunately, our team has a wealth of experience dealing with such issues and can put them right through our professional slab jacking methods.

Moisture Resistant Sealants 

Or, if you are specifically facing issues with moisture penetration, our team can offer you our tailored moisture-resistant sealant solutions. Some of the most damaging but most prevalent issues that our clients face, the likelihood of you facing such a problem can be high. So, if you are ever unlucky enough, you need to know who you can contact for help. Fortunately, our team has the ideal solutions for this and can assure you of a permeant fix, every time.

Pier Solutions 

However, if you are facing more serious issues with your foundations, you may well find that piers and pilings better serve you. By using these much more permeant fixes, you can restore and maintain your foundations for decades at a time. They’ll be more than capable of supporting themselves in the face of any conditions or challenges and will stand the test of time beneath your home. All you need to do is allow us to provide you with the customized piering services that suit your needs, and we will make sure that your property is never left exposed again.

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